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727 Crystal Juice Glass & S/S Pulp Container

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727 Juice/Pulp set (with strainer/sieve)

A great way to enjoy your juice

Each glass is hand-made in the mountains of Bohemia at the Novosad and Son glassworks. With a 17oz/500ml capacity and etched with the Sana Supreme logo, this heavy-duty Bohemian crystal is a keepsake itself.

Heavy Duty Pulp Catcher

A custom designed stainless steel pulp catcher. Its upswept angle perfectly complements the design cues of the juicer, and the large capacity means less time emptying it. The food grade stainless steel is ideal for those who like to use their pulp for muffins, crackers, and soups.

These are the same original parts that come with a new Sana 727 Supreme Juicer