The word “Sana” is a Latin word that means “to heal”. This is the purpose of all Sana juicers – helping your body heal through proper nutrition.


Our Goal


In a world where the food industry has moved the focus away from nutrition and toward profit, we are striving to find ways to help people make the healthiest, most nutritious food themselves. We get feedback from customers worldwide, and incorporate those ideas into our designs. We are constantly improving our products, as well as trying out new ideas for future juicers. Our aim is to provide consumers with durable, high-quality products that are easy to use and maintain.


Our History

Our family has been in the juicing industry since the '60s.  Robert Leo began his career with Acme Juicer, his Uncle’s company, working up to President.  He remained at Acme until the company was sold. At that time the health industry was quite small with only a few juicers available to purchase for home use. In 1985, Robert took his love for the juicing world and started his own company- Omega Products, Inc. (Omega Juicers).  As the founder of Omega Juicers, he helped to bring the practice of drinking fresh juice to the mainstream household.

In 1997 his future son-in-law, Timothy Fields joined the company.  Tim served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Tim played a valuable role in product development and sales. Working in a family-run business means you do a little of everything- customer service, operations, product development, product testing, etc.  This gave him unsurpassed knowledge of all things juicing. Tim developed the first horizontal low-speed masticating (cold-press) juicer for the US in 2001. Knowing there could be another way of juicing, Tim also drew up the design for the first vertical low-speed masticating (cold-press) juicer for the world.

Robert sold Omega in 2009 and was looking forward to retirement.  Tim transitioned with the sale of Omega and remained an integral part of Omega’s success.  He was President of Omega until 2020.  He holds various patents all of which were innovative for the juicing industry. Tim’s 25+ years in the juicing industry make him one of the most valuable experts in the field.

Noticing the lack of innovation in the juicing industry the family partnered with Sana Products LTD in the Czech Republic to bring their great technology and innovation to the US and Canada. With a combined history of over 70 years, Robert and Tim know more about juicing, juicers, and the industry and bring this knowledge to Sana to offer the highest quality products, the most comprehensive warranties, and unparalleled customer service. Everything you deserve when investing in a juicer and your health.

Bringing health and fresh juice from our family to yours!