Juicers separate the juice from the fiber in fruits and vegetables. There are many ways to do this, ranging from inexpensive high-speed centrifugal juicers to premium cold-pressed auger juicers. The type that is best for you depends on many factors including what you plan to juice, how often you will juice, how much juice you will make, and if you will store the juice for later consumption.

Oil Extractor

A truly revolutionary product, the Sana 702 oil extractor is an attachment for all Sana horizontal juicers. Using the juicer's high-torque motor, the stainless steel Sana oil extractor lets you make your own fresh cold-pressed oils at home from a variety of seeds and nuts.

SANA Premium Sold Beech Wood Grain Mill for fine to coarse flour.

Grain mills

Studies have shown that once grains are broken down into flour, the nutritional value begins to deteriorate through oxidation. Our Sana grain mill lets you make your own fresh flour quickly and easily without the need for additives or preservatives. And the low temperature grinding process ensures that essential oils, enzymes, and vitamins are not destroyed.

Bread makers

A bread machine needs to be flexible, easy to use, and most importantly make delicious bread. The Sana Smart Bread Maker is the only bread maker on the market with an available stainless steel pan. It comes with seven baking programs, and each of these can be fully customized. It also offers multi-phase rising, allowing multiple times and temperatures for each rising or baking phase. Dual removable kneaders ensure the best mixing as well as minimizing holes in the loaf. And low-temperature baking makes not only the most delicious bread, but allows it to make yogurt, tempeh, jams, and more.


Optimize your juicing experience with Sana's range of accessories designed for ease and efficiency. From cleaning produce to storing juice, you'll find a range of ways to improve your juicing.

Spare Parts

We are committed to providing the highest level of product servicing in the industry. If you need a replacement part for one of our juicer models, shop here for screens, drums, strainers, and more.


These pre-owned models have been inspected, cleaned, and refurbished - ready to ship to you at a friendlier cost.