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Universal Vacuum Seal Kit

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The best way to keep your juice or smoothie fresh. Includes vacuum pump.


Vacuum seal almost any glass or plastic jar to dramatically extend shelf life.

Simple to use

It's fast and easy to seal almost anything with our universal vacuum pump. Just pierce the lid with the included tool, then insert a red vacuum pin and pump out the air. Just a few pumps will remove most of the air, keeping your food fresher much longer. Sealed jars can be opened and sealed as often as you like. When the jar or container is empty, simply remove and rinse the vacuum pin. The pins can be used over and over again.

Extend the shelf life of things in jars like canned fruit, jam, peanut butter, sauces, olives, and more.  The Kliki vacuum pump has an adjustable pin to pierce both standard lids as well as polypropelyne food storage container lids. These are the common sealable plastic containers used to store food in the fridge. This lets you also seal leftovers in your own containers.


Warranty: 1 Year