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Wireless Electric Vacuum Pump

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Rechargeable electric pump automatically removes the correct amount of air from all of our vacuum containers.


Compatible with all of our vacuum containers, jugs, lids, and bottle toppers.

Compatible with most vacuum containers, jugs, lids, and bottle toppers from other brands.

Attach the pump to any Status vacuum container and press the button.  The correct amount of air is automatically removed. The vacuum pump shuts off automatically.

Food stored in vacuum containers:

  • lasts up to four times longer
  • retains flavor and nutrition 
  • are protected from bacteria and mold
  • can be stored in the fridge or the freezer

Instructions for use

  • Charge pump before first use
  • Hold the pump on top of container or pitcher, aligning it with the vacuum valve
  • Press the start button
  • The correct volume air is automatically removed
  • The pump stops automatically

How to charge the pump

Using the included USB cable, attach the pump to any laptop, computer, or USB charger (charger not included). While charging, a red light flashes. When fully charged, the light changes to green. Charging takes from 2-4 hours.  It is recommended to charge the pump at least once every 3 months. Battery capacity 800 mA.

Warranty: 1 Year